How Does It Work?

Do you not know how to download videos from Facebook? No worries!
In order to download Facebook videos, Reels or Status, you need to follow these steps.

Copy link

Copy your Link

First, you need to copy the URL of the video you want to download.

paste url

Paste URL

Paste the Facebook video URL in the Search box.


Download & enjoy

Finally, hit the “Download Video” button to get your FB video downloaded.

Features of FB video downloader ultimate tool to download Facebook videos instantly!

You do not need to create an account or signup before downloading the video. This FB video downloader lets you download all types of videos, whether they are in a secret group, fan page, or closed group.

So, it’s time to start pasting the video URL in the input section and get your video downloaded!

Our FB video downloader makes the downloading process quite easier for you. So, you do not need to spend time downloading your desired reels.

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Human-friendly interface

Due to the user-friendly interface, this FB video downloader is quite simple to navigate. So, you do not need to spend plenty of time downloading Facebook reels and statuses. Instead, you can complete the downloading process in a matter of seconds.

A single-click download

Using this Facebook downloader tool, you can download your videos with a single click. As a result, the downloaded reels will be automatically saved to your device without following any tricky steps.

Provides multiple video qualities

Whether you want to download Facebook reels or statuses, this tool provides you with multiple video qualities. In this way, you will have the exact video quality tailored to your needs.

Unlimited usage

Another premium feature of this video downloader is its limitless use. You can benefit from this tool as many times as you want without spending a single penny on it. It is absolutely free to use.

Supports all operating systems

You can take full advantage of this Facebook video download online tool whether you are using Windows, Android, Mac, or Linux. By simply pasting the URL, you can download Facebook statuses, reels, and videos effortlessly.

Reasons to use this Facebook video downloader

You do not need to install any plugins before using this FB downloader. You only need to have two things in hand:

  1. Stable internet connection
  2. Link of the video you want to download

That’s it!

We aim to provide the best user experience so you can easily download Facebook videos. So, whenever you scroll Facebook and see a video, reel, or status you want to download, you can do it easily. is one of the best Facebook video downloading tools you will ever use. It is an all-in-one stop for downloading Facebook:

  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Reels

So what are you waiting for?

Download the video and have some fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. Using our Facebook video downloader, you are allowed to download even private videos.

With our top-quality FB video downloader, you can easily download Facebook reels’ videos. Simply open our tool and paste the video’s link into the input bar. That’s it.

While downloading the video, you need to select the folder where you want to have it. In this way, you can choose your desired folder and have the video instantly.

Absolutely not!
We care about your privacy and do not keep your downloaded video’s copy.

Not at all!
Our online Facebook video downloader does not impose any restrictions. It is totally free to use. All you need is an uninterrupted internet connection. That’s it!


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